Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Today is the day!

Today was the day, after weeks of intense research and browsing tons of reviews for seed suppliers online, my orders have finally arrived! It was like Christmas morning going to the mail box and ripping open the nicely packaged beauties that will (hopefully!)be growning my garden this summer! So many plans, so little time! I made eco friendly planters this afternoon while dreaming of the beauties resting in my fridge! I found old newspaper laying around and cut them into 4x4 squares! I soaked them in water and then molded them into my cupcake pans! To dry, I simply placed them in my oven at 170 degrees and left the door open a crack for about an hour. I repeated the process until I ran out of newspaper but I made a dent in saving money because I almost bought planters from a local farm! Now, back to the seeds! I am going to research (again!) the expected maturity dates and begin to sprout my seedlings tomorrow on my day off! I'm thinking of using a damp paper towel in a closed zip-lock baggie will be a quicker alternative to get my seedlings sprouting! After all, it is the beginning of May here in Ohio so summer is just around the corner! The faster they grow the sooner I can get them in the ground! I did purchase Miracle-Grow soil when I was at Sam's Club, but I think I am going to research a better sprouting soil that won't possibly harm my little 'babies'. Meanwhile, all my husband seems to ask is, "Planning on growing some tomatoes?" SOME TOMATOES, how about the best quality line of seeds I could find for a rare beefsteak tomato that is not GMO! I'll turn him into a believer eventually! Tomorrow, if it doesn't rain, I'm hoping to try and map out my corner lot as to where the best place to plant my babies once they are ready to go out into the big wide world! After all, they will need sun but I need a far enough distance from the sidewalk where Joe Doe can't tamper with my project! Off to research! Until next time, Kat.